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Command-line options: Orbit nodes

The following command-line options can be used when running your Orbit node:

--node.rpc.classic-redirect=<RPC>Redirects archive requests for pre-nitro blocks to this RPC of an Arbitrum Classic node with archive database. Only for Arbitrum One.
--http.apiOffered APIs over the HTTP-RPC interface. Default: net,web3,eth,arb. Add debug for tracing.
--http.corsdomainAccepts cross origin requests from these comma-separated domains (browser enforced).
--http.vhostsAccepts requests from these comma-separated virtual hostnames (server enforced). Default: localhost. Accepts *.
--http.addrAddress to bind RPC to. May require for Docker networking.
--node.caching.archiveRetains past block state. For archive nodes.
--node.feed.input.url=<feed address>Default: wss://<chainName> ⚠️ One feed relay per datacenter is advised. See feed relay guide.
--node.forwarding-target=<RPC>Defaults to the L2 Sequencer RPC based on provided L1 and L2 chain IDs.
--node.rpc.evm-timeoutDefault: 5s. Timeout for eth_call. (0 == no timeout).
--node.rpc.gas-capDefault: 50000000. Gas cap for eth_call/estimateGas. (0 = no cap).
--node.rpc.tx-fee-capDefault: 1. Transaction fee cap (in ether) for RPC APIs. (0 = no cap).
--ipc.pathFilename for IPC socket/pipe within datadir. 🔉 Not supported on macOS. Note the path is within the Docker container.
--init.pruneActivates pruning on initialization. Can be "full" or "validator". Effective post v2.0.14.
--init.url="<snapshot file>"(Non-Orbit Nitro nodes only) URL to download the genesis database from. Required only for the first startup of an Arbitrum One node. Reference to snapshots and archive node guide."/path/to/dir"(Non-Orbit Nitro nodes only) Temporarily saves the downloaded database snapshot. Defaults to /tmp/. Used with --init.url.