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Quickstart: PARSIQ (blockchain data API & SDK)

PARSIQ is a reliable, fully customizable blockchain data indexer, helping developers to seamlessly access, process and utilize Web3 data - both raw and custom.

PARSIQ API allows querying blockchain data such as transactions, token transfers, events, internal function calls, blocks, etc.

PARSIQ SDK allows accumulating, processing, and storing this data according to the developer-specified logic, as well as building your own API endpoints.

Check out this introduction video to get started.


PARSIQ Tsunami API is a highly efficient API to fetch raw Web3 data:

  • Events, calls, transactions (internal included), transfers, contracts, blocks - you name it. Possibility to use unlimited blockrange makes Tsunami a hard-to-beat solution for realiably getting large amounts of data from the blockchain. CSV Export is available.
  • Get decoded, human readable data right out of the box.
  • Need an up to date feeds of data streamed to you in real time? Give our low latency Real Time Streaming service a try.

Please check out our PARSIQ API Reference to see all the available endpoints.


Some more complicated cases where custom data needs to be stored, accumulated, and calculated, cannot be covered by an API. In that cases, use PARSIQ SDK or go for a Custom Data Lake. They allow you to set up data bases and data processing logic to solve your specific use case.

SDK Documentation

Please see PARSIQ SDK documentation for more details.