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How to deploy an NFT smart contract and enable credit card and cross-chain payments with no-code

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Shoutout to @rohit-710 for contributing the following third-party document!

Crossmint is an enterprise-grade web3 development platform that lets you deploy smart contracts, create email wallets, enable credit-card and cross chain payments, and use APIs to create, distribute, sell, store, and edit NFTs.

By abstracting away the core complexities of the Blockchain, Crossmint allows you to build NFT applications without requiring any blockchain experience or holding cryptocurrency, and making the blockchain invisible to end users.

Crossmint enables you to provide a Web2 experience for for your Web3 apps.

Check out Crossmint's Docs to get started.

Crossmint Console

What you can achieve using Crossmint Console:

  • Create and deploy NFT Collections.
  • Create and airdrop NFTs.
  • Generate No-code Storefront and No-code claims page.
  • Accept credit card and cross-chain payments for your NFT Collections.
  • Create and configure API Keys for Wallets and Minting.
  • Create Webhooks to listen to your Crossmint collections's endpoint URL's triggered events.
  • Whitelist domains and set up Redirect URls for your NFT Collections' checkout.
Crossmint Console

Please check out the docs to learn more. Click here to use Crossmint's Production Console and click here to use Crossmint's Staging Console.

How to deploy an NFT smart contract on Arbitrum and enable credit card and cross-chain payments with no-code

Please checkout the step-by-step tutorial on the docs here and here.

Video Tutorial

You can find a YouTube video for the same here.

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