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Chain parameters

ParamDescriptionArbitrum OneArbitrum NovaArb Sepolia
Dispute windowTime for assertions to get confirmed during which validators can issue a challenge45818 blocks (~ 6.4 days )45818 blocks (~ 6.4 days)20 blocks (~ 4.0 minutes)
Base stakeAmount of stake required for a validator to make an assertion1 ETH1 ETH1 Sepolia ETH
Force-include periodPeriod after which a delayed message can be included into the inbox without any action from the Sequencer5760 blocks / 24 hours5760 blocks / 24 hours5760 blocks / 24 hours
Gas speed limitTarget gas/sec, over which the congestion mechanism activates7,000,000 gas/sec7,000,000 gas/sec7,000,000 gas/sec
Gas price floorMinimum gas price0.01 gwei0.01 gwei0.1 gwei
Block gas limitMaximum amount of gas that all the transactions inside a block are allowed to consume32,000,00032,000,00032,000,000