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USDC on Arbitrum One

Arbitrum One supports two different types of USDC:

  1. Arbitrum-native USDC (USDC): USDC tokens native to the Arbitrum One chain.
  2. Bridged USDC (USDC.e): Ethereum-native USDC tokens that have been bridged to Arbitrum One.

Differences between USDC and USDC.e

Arbitrum-native USDCBridged USDC
Token NameUSD CoinBridged USDC
Token SymbolUSDCUSDC.e
Token Address



BenefitsCEX Support, directly redeemable 1:1 for U.S dollars

The Arbitrum Bridge will continue to facilitate transfers of all USDC tokens. When depositing Ethereum-native USDC, the option exists to receive Bridged USDC using Arbitrum's bridge or Arbitrum-native USDC using Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol.

Historical context

Arbitrum One has supported Bridged USDC since conception, with over a billion Bridged USDC currently in circulation. On June 8th 2023, Circle added support for the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol and launched Arbitrum-native USDC, which enables direct minting and burning of Arbitrum-Native USDC on Arbitrum One. Due to this, the Bridged USDC token symbol was renamed from USDC to USDC.e to accommodate Arbitrum-native USDC. Although most platforms have better support for Bridged USDC, the expectation is that this will change over time. At a later date, there will be incentives implemented to help facilitate the conversion of Bridged USDC to Arbitrum-native USDC.