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NodeInterface reference

The Arbitrum Nitro software includes a special NodeInterface contract available at address 0xc8 that is only accessible via RPCs (it's not actually deployed on-chain, and thus can't be called by smart contracts). This reference page documents the specific calls available in the NodeInterface. For a more conceptual description of what it is and how it works, please refer to the NodeInterface conceptual page.

NodeInterface methods

MethodSolidity interfaceGo implementationDescription
estimateRetryableTicket(address sender, uint256 deposit, address to, uint256 l2CallValue, address excessFeeRefundAddress, address callValueRefundAddress, bytes calldata data)InterfaceImplementationEstimates the gas needed for a retryable submission
constructOutboxProof(uint64 size, uint64 leaf)InterfaceImplementationConstructs an outbox proof of an l2->l1 send's existence in the outbox accumulator
findBatchContainingBlock(uint64 blockNum)InterfaceImplementationFinds the L1 batch containing a requested L2 block, reverting if none does
getL1Confirmations(bytes32 blockHash)InterfaceImplementationGets the number of L1 confirmations of the sequencer batch producing the requested L2 block
gasEstimateComponents(address to, bool contractCreation, bytes calldata data)InterfaceImplementationSame as native gas estimation, but with additional info on the l1 costs
gasEstimateL1Component(address to, bool contractCreation, bytes calldata data)InterfaceImplementationEstimates a transaction's l1 costs
legacyLookupMessageBatchProof(uint256 batchNum, uint64 index)InterfaceImplementationReturns the proof necessary to redeem a message
nitroGenesisBlock()InterfaceImplementationReturns the first block produced using the Nitro codebase
blockL1Num(uint64 l2BlockNum)InterfaceImplementationReturns the L1 block number of the L2 block
l2BlockRangeForL1(uint64 blockNum)InterfaceImplementationFinds the L2 block number range that has the given L1 block number