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Oracles reference


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The following oracles will help you integrate off-chain data into your decentralized apps (dApps):

ChainlinkChainlink is a widely-recognized Web3 services platform specializing in decentralized oracle networks. It enables building Ethereum and Arbitrum dApps that connect to a variety of off-chain data feeds and APIs, including asset prices, weather data, random number generation, and more.How to use Chainlink
API3API3 is a collaborative project delivering traditional API services to smart contract platforms in a decentralized and trust-minimized way. It offers technology for Airnodes to push off-chain data to on-chain contracts, and the data can be queried directly through Airnodes or dAPIs.How to use API3
TellorTellor is a decentralized oracle network that incentivizes data reporting and validation. It supports a range of data types, including basic spot prices, sophisticated pricing specs (TWAP/VWAP), Snapshot Vote Results, and custom data needs.How to use Tellor
SupraSupra is an Oracle & IntraLayer offering a toolkit of cross-chain solutions such as data oracles, asset bridges, and automation networks. It aims to interlink all blockchains, whether public (L1s and L2s) or private (enterprises).Supra Overview